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Mandarin Chinese Classes in Johannesburg

Should you require Mandarin Chinese Classes in Johannesburg, please visit the website of Access China Business Mandarin.

Based in Sandton, Access China Business Mandarin provides powerful and structured Mandarin Chinese Classes for Johannesburg-based business people engaged in trade with China, or that have dealings with Chinese-owned enterprises within South Africa. Access China’s Mandarin Chinese classes run throughout the year and cater for all levels of Chinese proficiency from zero beginner through to advanced .

In order to seek new opportunities and remain globally competitive, it is becoming increasingly necessary for South African based business people to learn at least some basic conversational Mandarin in order to better build long-term relationships (guanxi) with their Chinese counterparts. For example, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and his “One Belt, One Road” Development Strategy means that China is accelerating its roll-out of rail and road infrastructure across Asia and Africa, thereby creating excellent opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in a wide range of fields. President Xi’s “One Belt, One Road” Initiative aims to develop infrastructure and trade along the routes of the ancient silk road in order to improve regional and inter-regional connections between China and countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. “One Belt” refers to the development of an economic belt along the land silk road through central Asia starting from central China’s Luoyang City, while “One Road” refers to the maritime silk road via Sri Lanka commencing at China’s Quanzhou port.