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What is Guanxi?

In simple terms, the Mandarin word “guanxi” 关系  can be translated as a “connection” or “relationship”. In reality, however, guanxi signifies the deep importance that social networks and personal ties play in facilitating life and business in Chinese culture.

China is a highly networked society and personal relationships are central to every aspect of life. In Chinese society, building good guanxi by generating and cultivating connections is vitally important. The Chinese prefer to do business through people that they know and trust, and will routinely consult their guanxi network for reliable referrals. The Chinese tend to be collectivistic in nature and will go out of their way to help when called upon to do a favour knowing that it might be reciprocated or “paid forward”  some day in the future.

The Chinese concept of guanxi shares some similarities to the old adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Good guanxi opens doors, moves you to the front of the queue, smoothes out troubles and creates new opportunities.

The China Guanxi Club aims to build good guanxi amongst its members by facilitating networking, strengthening connections and creating opportunities to meet like-minded people that share a passion for China and all things Chinese.